On 10 October 2016, the Secretary of State for the Department for Exiting the EU, David Davis MP, gave an oral statement to Parliament. Key points in the statement include:

  • the Government will bring forward in the next Parliamentary session a Great Repeal Bill (the Bill) that will mean that the European Communities Act will cease to apply on the day the UK leaves the EU;
  • the Bill will convert existing EU law into domestic law, wherever practicable;
  • the Bill is a separate issue as to when the UK issues its Article 50 notification. The Prime Minister is expected to invoke Article 50 no later than the end of March next year;
  • the Government will not be giving a “running commentary” on its negotiations with the EU; and
  • while no one part of the UK can veto the exit, the Government will consult with the devolved administrations.

View Government’s plan for withdrawal from the EU announced by Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, 10 October 2016

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