The UK Listing Authority (UKLA) has published Guidance Consultation 15/7: Primary Market Bulletin No.12 (GC15/7) in which certain amendments to 14 technical notes are proposed including:

  • Listing Principle 2 – Dealing with the FCA in an open and cooperative manner (UKLA/TN/209.2);
  • Exemptions from the periodic reporting requirements (UKLA/TN/504.2);
  • Third country equivalent obligations (UKLA/TN/544.2);
  • Market makers (UKLA/TN/548.2);
  • Asset managers (UKLA/TN/549.2); and
  • Trading book exemption (UKLA/TN/55.2).

View GC15/7: Primary Market Bulletin No.12, 23 November 2015