On 28 March 2018, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) published a document setting out its plans for the financial year 2018/19. The document comprises three chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – the FOS explains the plans and commitments it is making in 2018/19 for its customers and its service, its reach and impact, as well as for its own staff;
  • Chapter 2 – the FOS sets out more detail about the complaints it expects to receive and resolve in 2018/19, and how it will fund its work. The FOS notes that in 2017/18 it received around the same number of complaints as it projected in its general casework (all areas other than payment protection insurance (PPI), packaged bank accounts and short term lending). But it saw around 17% fewer complaints than it originally forecast for packaged bank accounts, and over half as many about short term lending. Based on how things currently stand the FOS reports that it has revised its projections for new PPI complaints slightly downward for 2018/19. The forecast for new complaints for packaged bank accounts shows a decrease (2017/18 – 12,500 to 2018/19 – 10,000) and for short term lending there is an increase (2017/18 – 14,500 to 2018/19 – 20,000); and
  • Chapter 3 – the FOS summarises and responds to the feedback it received to its earlier public consultation on its plans for 2018/19.