The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has published the latest issue of its newsletter Ombudsman news (issue 130). This issue of Ombudsman news contains case studies on seniors and retirement. The FOS notes that older age groups are more likely than others to contact it about their mortgages. The case studies highlight that some people complain they’ve been treated unfairly by their mortgage provider when they reach the end of their mortgage term, believe they’ve been discriminated against because of their age and feel their financial provider is relying on strict, inflexible rules. The FOS states that to decide whether a business has acted fairly, it will check that they’ve followed their own policies, processes, and good practice in their area, but equally important, it will look for evidence that they’ve considered their customer’s individual circumstances.

In the Ombudsman focus of this issue, the FOS highlight and respond to some of the recent comments and suggestions it has received from complaints handlers at businesses.

View FOS Ombudsman news issue 130, 1 December 2015