The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has published a consultation paper on its proposed plan and budget for 2016/17. The layout of the consultation paper is as follows:

  • chapter 2 – the FOS explains how it is dealing with the current demands on its service compared to what it forecasted in last year’s plans – and the trends it has identified in the complaints it is seeing;
  • chapter 3 – the FOS explains how it is managing the challenges it faces in forecasting for next year;
  • chapter 4 – the FOS sets out the levels of demand it expects in the next financial year – and its plans for dealing with them;
  • chapter 5 – the FOS gives more detail about its financial plans for 2016/17, including how it is continuing to minimise costs and increase efficiency; and
  • chapter 6 – the FOS explains how it is developing and modernising its service, ensuring it remains relevant and accessible, and working to resolve the problems it sees as quickly and informally as possible.

The deadline for comments to the consultation paper is 2 February 2016.

View FOS consultation on its plans and budget for 2016/17, 8 December 2015