890 of America’s largest publicly-traded companies have recently been ranked based on priorities gathered from polling 81,000 Americans.  The poll, coordinated by Just Capital, asked participants what they most wanted to see from the nation’s biggest businesses.  The most popular responses were that participants wanted companies to:

  1. pay workers fairly;
  2. treat customers well and protect their privacy;
  3. produce quality products;
  4. minimise their environmental impact;
  5. give back to the communities they operate in;
  6. commit to ethical and diverse leadership; and
  7. create abundant job opportunities.

These priorities were used to identify the top 100 companies across a range of industries that take the public interest into their own hands and generate better returns for themselves and society in the process. The 2019 Just 100 list was published on 10 December 2018 and can be found here.