On 6 January 2023, the FCA updated the following webpages on the temporary permissions regime to reflect the end of 2022:

In relation to the webpage ‘Temporary marketing permission regime’, the text within the description has been updated and now reads, ‘The temporary permissions regime (TPR) enables relevant EEA firms and funds who were using the passporting regime to transition to the UK full regulatory regime.’

Concerning the webpage ‘Landing slots for firms in the TPR’, the webpage notes that, all firms in the TPR that the FCA was expecting to apply for full authorisation in the UK would have received a formal direction confirming their ‘landing slot’. This was the period when firms could apply: for full (non-temporary) Part 4A permission, to vary an existing Part 4A permission if a firm had a UK top-up permission. If the FCA was not expecting a firm to apply for full authorisation in the UK, it may not have received a landing slot direction. If a firm did intend to apply for full UK authorisation and would be solo-regulated by the FCA but did not receive a landing slot direction, it could still apply but any application must have been received by the FCA before the end of 31 December 2022.