On 12 April 2018, the FCA updated its webpage on Consultation Paper 18/10: FCA regulated fees and levies: rates proposals 2018/19 (CP18/10) (our earlier blog is here). The FCA states that it has updated CP18/10 to provide some additional information to be consistent with the PRA’s consultation on its fees and levies for 2018/19 (our blog is here). The additional information added to CP18/10 relates to the calculation of fees and levies for insurers and has been included at the end of chapters 3, 10 and under paragraph 11.9 and at the end of chapter 11. The information at the end of chapter 9 has also been updated to take account that some insurers will be notifying the FCA of ‘relevant’ gross written premium tariff data (i.e. business conducted with consumers) in the case of the Financial Ombudsman Service general levy. The deadline for comments on CP18/10 remains as 1 June 2018.