The FCA has updated its webpage on its market data processor system (MDP) under MiFID II to include MDP application forms. The website indicates that to submit an application, the MDP must have already completed a confidentiality agreement and received a market interface specification. New entities applying for authorisation or recognition must submit a relevant MiFID II application in order to receive a case reference number. The FCA will support industry testing with a dedicated industry test environment during 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2017. In this period all submitting entities seeking to demonstrate conformance and compliance with the FCA’s technical specification from 3 January 2018 will be on-boarded on to the MDP. The successful on-boarding will form part of the FCA’s authorisation and supervisory process for submitting entities.

View FCA releases MiFID II market data processor application form, 30 January 2017