The FCA has published a disclosure assessment template together with accompanying notes, to assist firms in meeting the disclosure requirements of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR). The template and notes form part of the third cycle of the FCA’s RDR thematic review programme, which starts in mid-July 2014.

The purpose behind the template is to encourage firms to use it to make any required amendments to client facing documentation before the commencement of the thematic review. The FCA therefore expects firms to take action to remedy any issues highlighted. Despite this, the FCA also observes that the key disclosure requirements are not exhaustive and that the FCA Handbook should still be referred to in moments of non-clarity. The template serves as an aid but firms are also advised to think more broadly about how to make their disclosure material clear and engaging for their client base.

View File Review Template – Adviser Charges & Scope of Service, 3 June 2014

View Disclosure assessment template – Excel, 3 June 2014

View Accompanying notes for disclosure assessment template, 3 June 2014