On 19 August, the FCA published Primary Market Bulletin (PMB) No. 30.

This edition of PMB covers general news and provides updates as to the changes made to the FCA’s Knowledge Base. There are also reminders as regards the importance of the PDMR regime under MAR, and updates on recent changes to the Prospectus Regulation and comment on the prospectus requirements for Global Depository Receipts.

Updates were also made to the following technical notes:

  1. Supplementary prospectuses – Primary Market/TN/605.3
  2. Final Terms – Primary Market/TN/629.4
  3. Significant change statements – Primary Market/TN/628.3
  4. Choice of home member state under the Prospectus Regulation – Primary Market/TN/630.2
  5. Block Listings – Primary Market/PN/907.3
  6. Passporting – Primary Market/PN/905.3
  7. Review and approval of documents – Primary Market/PN/903.4
  8. Current trading and trend information – Primary Market/TN/625.2
  9. Directors’ and management disclosures in share prospectuses – Primary Market/TN/626.2
  10. Exemptions from the requirement to produce a prospectus – Primary Market/TN/602.3