On 2 July 2020, the FCA published Policy Statement 20/7: FCA regulated fees and levies 2020/21: including feedback on CP20/06 and made rules (PS20/7). In PS20/7 the FCA sets out its feedback to its earlier consultation on regulated fees and levies for 2020/21 and confirms its final fees and levies.

All FCA fee payers are affected by PS20/7. Table 1.1 at the end of chapter 1of PS20/7 will assist fee payers in identifying which chapters relate to them. The FCA will invoice fee-payers from July 2020 onwards for their 2020/21 periodic fees and levies.

Firms can use the FCA’s online fees calculator to calculate their individual fees based on the final rates in PS20/7. This includes FCA periodic fees and the Financial Ombudsman Service, Money and Pensions Advice Service, Devolved Authorities and illegal money lending levy final rates. The fees calculator will also cover PRA fees and Financial Service Compensation Scheme levies.