The FCA has made a number of key changes to GABRIEL – its online regulatory reporting system for the collection, validation and storage of regulatory data. Specifically, the key changes consist of:

  • new data items to collect recovery and resolution plans in accordance with Policy Statement 15/2: Recovery and Resolution Directive: Feedback on CP14/15 and final rules. They will be added to firm schedules during December 2015;
  • new data items as a result of the Mortgage Credit Directive. These will be added to firm schedules from March 2016;
  • important updates to the validation and filing rules applicable to reporting under the Capital Requirements Directive IV;
  • new group structures to enable scheduling of FINREP in line with existing group functionality;
  • a new data item to collect remuneration benchmarking information in accordance with SUP 16.17; and
  • improvements to the resubmission process. Items will now appear on firms’ schedules for reporting as soon as the firm has submitted their request in GABRIEL.

View FCA GABRIEL webpage, 8 December 2015