The FCA has published its latest Quarterly consultation paper (Consultation Paper 16/17: Quarterly Consultation Paper No.13) in which it sets out proposed miscellaneous amendments to the Handbook.

The FCA is proposing to:

  • align the claims handling rules with the Insurance Act 2015;
  • make minor changes to rules and guidance for firms conducting mortgages and home finance activity;
  • change the definition of a prescribed market in the Handbook Glossary for the purposes of DTR 5 following repeal of the Prescribed Markets and Qualifying Investments Order, and add a new rule in DTR 7.2 to implement the new Non-Financial Reporting Directive requirement for issuers to disclose their diversity policy in the corporate governance statement;
  • change the Training and Competence sourcebook list of appropriate qualifications;
  • dis-apply the CASS audit requirements to certain debt management firms;
  • update rules on distribution and promotion of credit union deferred shares and subordinated debt;
  • introduce a new ‘pooled investment vehicle’ definition to clarify the scope of the non-mainstream pooled investment rules;
  • make changes to the regulatory reporting requirements set out in the Supervision manual; and
  • make changes to the transparency reporting requirements for certain alternative investment fund managers, to reduce information gaps and allow effective monitoring of their risk-taking activities.

The overview section located at the beginning of the consultation sets out the various deadlines for comments.

View Consultation Paper 16/17: Quarterly Consultation Paper No.13, 4 July 2016