On 30 April 2021, the FCA published Handbook Notice 87.

The Handbook Notice describes the changes to the FCA Handbook and other material made by the FCA Board under its legislative and other statutory powers on 25 March 2021 and 29 April 2021. On these dates the FCA Board approved the following:

  • Supervision Manual (Financial Crime Report) (Amendment No 2) Instrument 2021.
  • Annual Financial Crime Reporting Requirements for Cryptoasset Businesses Registered under the Money Laundering Regulations.
  • Operational Resilience Instrument 2021.
  • UK Emission Trading Scheme Instrument 2021.
  • Technical Standards (Market Abuse Regulation) (UK Emissions Trading Scheme) Instrument 2021.
  • Collective Investment Schemes Sourcebook (Bearer Certificates) Instrument 2021.

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