The FCA has published a guide on trading venue notifications under MiFID II. The FCA explains that the guide is intended to expand on the FCA’s application and notification user guide which was published on 13 January 2017.

The guide contains material on notifications relating to:

  • post-trade deferral;
  • trading suspensions, removals and restorations (Article 32 and 52 of MiFID II);
  • open access requests;
  • notification for UK regulated markets having access to the EEA market;
  • market making schemes and agreements;
  • notification in relation to parameters for halting of trading;
  • notification of any severe trading interruption not due to market volatility and any other material connectivity disruptions;
  • notification of incidents of misuse or unauthorised access;
  • notification in relation to messages exceeding historical peak;
  • notification of the suspension of pre-trade transparency waivers; and
  • notifications of significant rule infringements, disorderly trading, conduct that may involve market abuse or system disruptions.

View FCA guidance on MiFID II trading venue notifications, 6 November 2017