The FCA has updated its MiFID II webpage, notifying firms of the deadline for submitting pre-trade transparency waiver applications for bonds and derivatives under MiFID II and MiFIR.

The FCA states:

“Following on from the information provided below, please be aware that in order for us and ESMA to process waiver applications in time for 3 January 2018, the deadline for waiver applications for bonds and derivatives to be submitted to us is 1 June 2017 at the latest.

The FCA has a limited amount of time to review and assess waiver applications before we need to submit relevant applications to ESMA by 31 July 2017. We therefore require all waiver applications to be complete and for any queries regarding the process or the proposals that applicants intend to make to be raised and discussed with us in advance of the 1 June 2017 deadline.

If applications submitted by that date are not complete, for example if the applicant needs to provide additional information or amend details after 1 June, then we cannot guarantee to process the application in time for ESMA’s 31 July deadline.

Where applicants would like to discuss particular queries, please email your relevant supervisory contact at the FCA or, if you do not have a regular supervisory contact, please send your queries to

We encourage complete waiver applications to be submitted to us in advance of the 1 June 2017 deadline where possible. Applicants should read the relevant information below and chapter 12 of the MiFID II application and notification user guide(link is external) before completing their waiver application.”

View FCA MiFID II web page, 31 March 2017