The House of Commons’ Treasury Select Committee has published a letter dated 17 August 2016 from Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA, to Andrew Tyrie MP, Treasury Committee Chairman, which provides information on the number of UK authorised financial services firms that currently hold Single Market passports.

In particular the letter notes the following:

  • 13,484 firms using the passport, 8,008 are inbound (firms passporting into the UK from another EU state or EEA state) and 5,476 are outbound (firms passporting from the UK to another EU state or EEA states);
  • of 359,953 passports, 23,532 are in-bound and 336,421 are out-bound.

The letter also sets out the number of firms passporting under each Single Market Directive.

View FCA data on UK authorised firms holding single market passports, 20 September 2016