The FCA has published Consultation Paper 14/30: Improving complaints handling (CP14/30).

In CP14/30 the FCA sets out certain changes to its rules to improve complaints handling by, and access to the ombudsman service for customers of, firms in the compulsory jurisdiction. The FCA also proposes changes to the voluntary jurisdiction and to the procedures of the ombudsman service.

The FCA also discusses the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive, which is intended to give European consumers, and traders, access to out-of-court schemes to help settle contractual disputes that arise out of the purchase and sale/supply of goods and services. The ombudsman service falls within the scope of this Directive. Member States have until 9 July 2015 to implement the Directive and CP14/30 proposes how the FCA expects this to be achieved and the impact this will have on the ombudsman service procedures.

The deadline for responses to CP14/30 is 13 March 2015.

View Consultation Paper 14/30: Improving complaints handling, 12 December 2014