On 15 September 2020, the FCA issued a Call for Input looking at areas where the consumer investments market is not working well for customers and seeking views on what changes the regulator can make to improve protections and outcomes in this market.

The Call for Input is focussed on the following core questions:

  • What more can the FCA do to help the market offer a range of products and services that meet straightforward investment needs?
  • How can the FCA better ensure that those who have the financial resources to accept higher investment risk can do so if they choose, but in a way that ensures they understand the risk they are taking?
  • How can the FCA make it easier for people to understand the risks of investment and the level of regulatory protection afforded to them when they invest?
  • What more can the FCA do to ensure that when people lose money because of an act or omission of a regulated firm, they are appropriately compensated and that it is paid for fairly by those who cause the loss?
  • How can people be better protected from scams?
  • What more can the FCA do to facilitate effective competition and encourage firms to develop innovative products and services which help consumers to invest

The FCA is asking for feedback by 15 December 2020. The FCA will use the feedback to shape its work over the next three years and share with the Government any views or insights on matters that are for them.