The European Commission has published a report on the implementation of the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD). The report, which has now been adopted by the Commission, concerns the implementation of the CCD and assesses its impact in terms of consumer protection. Among other things, it concludes that:

  • not all creditors are respecting all of the provisions contained within the CCD;
  • currently, there is no need to modify either the scope of regulatory choices or the thresholds and percentages applied in accordance with the CCD;
  • attention must be given to practices and legal constructions aimed at circumventing the national rules implementing the CCD and consumer law at large;
  • there is a need to continue monitoring the enforcement of the CCD in Member States, starting with a Commission-led assessment of Member States’ supervisory practices which will take place later this year; and
  • as a result of the evaluation of the information campaign on CCD carried out in some Member States along with other evidence such as the behaviour of consumers, the Commission may consider further activities in the area of financial awareness.

View Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the implementation of Directive 2008/48/EC on credit agreements for consumers, 14 May 2014