The European Commission has published its European Financial Stability and Integration Report for 2013 (the Report). The Report outlines the main market and policy developments in 2013 (and includes certain elements from Q1 2014) that had a direct impact on financial stability and integration. The following points are raised in the Report, namely:

  • financial market developments in 2013 and early 2014 and the emerging financial landscape after the crisis;
  • recent evolution of financial support measures and the progress with financial sector reform, including the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive and the single resolution mechanism;
  • the EU shadow banking sector and associated regulatory reform measures;
  • overview of measures taken at the EU level to mitigate and control the risk and concerns associated with high frequency trading (HFT) which includes the effect of the MiFID II / MiFIR legislative proposals on HFT;
  • review of the economic role of financial derivatives in commodity markets;
  • overview of derivatives accounting and disclosure in banks’ financial statements; and
  • current system of indicators used to monitor financial integration.

View European financial stability and integration report 2013, 28 April 2014