The European Central Bank (ECB) has published version 2 of its TARGET2-Securities (T2S) User Detailed Functional Specifications (UDFS v2.0), together with a cover note. The UDFS:

  • set out the general Features of T2S, providing information on the configuration of parties, securities and accounts, the access to T2S, the T2S settlement day, the T2S application processes and the possible actions of the T2S operator;
  • provide details about the application-to-application dialogue between T2S actors and T2S; and
  • give a detailed description of the set of messages processed by T2S.

The ECB has also published a document indicating changes made to the previous version of the UDFS (version 1.2.1), which was published in September 2012.

View T2S User Detailed Functional Specifications v2.0.0, 13 June 2014

View Cover note: delivery of the T2S user detailed functional specifications 2.0, 13 June 2014

View ECB: T2S user detailed functional specifications v 2.0.0, 13 June 2014