The European Central Bank (ECB) has published its annual report on supervisory activities for 2014, which reviews the key achievements in setting up the single supervisory mechanism (SSM) and the start of ECB banking supervision.

The report also sets out the ECB’s priorities for 2105, which include:

  • monitoring the liquidity of the most vulnerable banks;
  • focusing on credit risk. The Joint Supervisory Teams (JSTs) will focus on non-performing exposures and leveraged lending;
  • looking into cyber risk and data integrity;
  • finalising the design and set-up of the ECB’s supervisory approach regarding the indirect supervision of less significant institutions;
  • promoting best practices among Member State national competent authorities (NCAs) and ensuring consistency of outcomes for all the less significant institutions;
  • fostering harmonisation of supervisory approaches across the SSM;
  • promoting a more intrusive approach to banking supervision; and
  • setting-up robust information-sharing and cooperation lines with supervisors, NCAs, banks and other authorities.

View ECB Annual Report on supervisory activities 2014, 31 March 2015