The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced its supervisory fees for 2014-15.

The total amount of fees to be recovered by the ECB for the costs of its prudential supervision of the euro area banking sector in the 2014-15 period will be €326 million. At the bank level, the fees will be calculated according to a bank’s importance and risk profile. All euro area banks have to supply the data for calculating their specific fees by 1 July 2015. The total fees for each individual bank will then be allocated and invoices will be sent in late 2015.

View ECB Banking Supervision decides supervisory fees for 2014-15, 29 April 2015

View Decision (EU) 2015/[XX*] of the European Central Bank of 10 April 2015 on the total amount of annual supervisory fees for the first fee period and for 2015, 29 April 2015