The European Banking Authority (EBA) has updated its work programme for 2014. The update follows a series of calls for advice from the European Commission and most of the additional work concerns technical advice relating to the Capital Requirements Regulation and the Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRR/CRD IV).

The areas concerning the CRR/CRD IV include:

  • own funds requirements for covered bonds;
  • capital requirements on exposures to transferred credit risk;
  • implementation of the ICAAP and Pillar 2 requirements;
  • scope of application and exemption of Pillar 1 requirements;
  • longer-term refinancing operations;
  • consistency of macro-prudential rules;
  • prudential filter for fair value gains and losses arising from the institution’s own credit risk related to derivative liabilities;
  • implementing acts on third country equivalence decisions;
  • appropriateness of the definition of eligible capital applied for the purposes of the large exposures regime; and
  • long term financing.

View EBA updates work programme for 2014, 16 April 2014