The European Banking Authority (EBA) has updated its Q&A on the Single Rulebook to include two new questions and answers covering:

  • reporting on stable funding (ID 2015_1912); and
  • initial margin for the purpose of hypothetical capital calculation (ID 2015_1889).

The overall objective of the Single Rulebook Q&A tool is to ensure consistent and effective application of EU legislation. Institutions, supervisors and other stakeholders can use the Q&A for submitting questions on the Capital Requirements Directive IV, the Capital Requirements Regulation, the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive and the related technical standards developed under them. However, the Q&A have no binding force in law, nor are they subject to “comply or explain”. However, their application is scrutinised by the EBA and national supervisory authorities.

View Single Rulebook Q&A, 21 August 2015