On 11 June 2021, the European Banking Authority (EBA) issued a report on the data provided by payment service providers (PSPs) on their readiness to apply strong customer authentication (SCA) for the subset of payment transactions that are e-commerce card-based payment transactions. The report highlights the status of issuing and acquiring PSPs in enrolling online merchants, payment cards and payment service users (PSUs) into SCA-compliant solutions, and in requesting SCA for online payment transactions after 31 December 2020, when the SCA migration period ended.

The report shows that based on the data collected from PSPs:

  • 99% of EU merchants are able to support SCA.
  • 94% of all payment cards in the EU are SCA-enabled.
  • 82% of all PSUs are enrolled into an SCA solution.
  • 92% of e-commerce card-based authentication requests reported by acquirers are compliant with the SCA requirements.
  • 87% of initiated e-commerce card-based payment transactions reported by issuers are compliant with the SCA requirements.

The report notes that there are still PSPs in some jurisdictions that are lagging behind others in enabling SCA on their payment cards, enrolling PSUs to SCA-compliant authentication solutions or initiating SCA-compliant transactions.

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