The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published a follow up review which is aimed at assessing the disclosures made by 19 European institutions in response to the Basel Pillar 3 requirements, as set out in the Capital Requirements Directive.

The EBA has found that despite improvements in some specific areas, banks’ compliance with disclosure requirements remains unchanged compared to last year’s assessment where no bank had fully met all the requirements. The report also highlights that comparability and consistency of disclosures between the different institutions could be improved.

The EBA has also published a webpage concerning a transparency exercise. It states that the EBA will disclose updated information on the European banks that were already part of the recapitalisation exercise in 2012. The information will provide data on banks’ composition of capital, composition of risk weighted assets, exposures to sovereigns, credit risk, market risk and securitisation as well as loan to value across portfolios.

View Follow-up review of banks’ transparency in their 2012 Pillar 3 reports, 9 December 2013

View EBA publishes follow-up review of banks transparency in their 2012 reports, 9 December 2013

View EBA transparency exercise, 9 December 2013

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