On 19 October 2023, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published its European Supervisory Examination Programme for 2024.

The EBA has selected the following three key topics for supervisory attention for 2024 on the basis of its EU-wide risk analysis, its relevant policy work and the practical experience of Member State competent authorities:

  • Liquidity and funding risk.
  • Interest rate risk hedging.
  • Recovery operationalisation.

The specific supervisory attention to these areas will contribute to ensuring the financial resilience of EU institutions, and will ultimately lead to a higher level of supervisory convergence across the EU, also through the implementation of the related policy products.

The EBA will follow up on how these key topics are embedded in competent authorities’ priorities for 2024, and how they form part of their supervisory activities throughout the year. The observations collected will feed into the overall conclusions on the degree of convergence of supervisory practices.