On 3 August 2021, the European Banking Authority (EBA) issued a report containing draft implementing technical standards (ITS) that amend the current ITS on the provision of information for the purpose of resolution plans (Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1624). The EBA states that the proposed amendments are minimal and are designed to re-align the standards with the provisions of the revised Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive which made changes to, among other things, the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities. The draft ITS also remove some identified obstacles, at the technical level, that hamper compliance with the requirements specified in the current ITS. The draft ITS will be submitted to the European Commission for endorsement before being published in the Official Journal of the EU. The technical standards are expected to be applied during the course of this year and, for the first time, for reports as of 31 December 2021.