On 17 December 2018, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published final guidelines on disclosure of non- performing and forborne exposures. The aims of the guidelines are to ensure the provision of meaningful information to market participants on credit institutions’ asset quality and to gain a better insight into the distribution and level of collateralisation of non-performing exposures among institutions with a gross non-performing loan ratio of 5% or above, and thus a better understanding of credit institutions’ risk profiles, in compliance with the second subparagraph of Article 431(3) of the Capital Requirements Regulation. In the long term, the guidelines are intended to reduce information asymmetry and increase the comparability of credit institutions’ risk profiles, thus promoting market discipline. The guidelines will be translated into the official EU languages and published on the EBA website. The deadline for Member State competent authorities to report whether they comply with the guidelines will be two months after the publication of the translations. The guidelines will apply from 31 December 2019.