On 26 July 2023, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a consultation paper on the establishment and maintenance of national lists or registers of credit servicers, under Directive 2021/2167 on credit servicers and credit purchasers (the Credit Servicers Directive or CSD).

Article 9(1) of the CSD requires Member States to ensure that the competent authorities establish and maintain at least a list of, where considered more appropriate, a national register, of all credit servicers authorised to provide services within their territory, including credit servicers providing services under Article 13 of the CSD.

The proposed guidelines specify the types of information that the national lists or registers have to include, with a view to enhancing transparency for credit purchasers and borrowers and bringing about a level playing field across the EU.

Furthermore, the proposed guidelines set out and harmonise the content of the lists or registers, how they should be made accessible, and the deadline for updating the lists or registers. In addition, the guidelines facilitate the ability of borrowers to access information on complaint handling procedures offered by competent authorities.

The deadline for the submission of comments to this consultation is 26 October 2023.