On 3 July 2018, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published the first products of its FinTech Roadmap:

  • a thematic report on the impact of FinTech on incumbent credit institutions’ business models. The report has two aims: (i) to provide an overview of the current FinTech landscape and the observed changes in the incumbent institutions’’ behaviour in adopting financial technologies, as observed by the EBA in the context of its continuous monitoring of financial innovation; and (ii) to raise awareness and share knowledge of the main trends affecting business models and provide support to supervisors and other stakeholders to identify and understand the potential challenges to the sustainability of incumbents’ business models; and
  • a thematic report on the prudential risks and opportunities arising for institutions from FinTech. The report is intended to raise awareness, within the supervisory community and the industry, of current and potential FinTech applications, striving to provide a balanced analysis of associated potential prudential risks and opportunities that may arise. The intention of the report is to inform and share information without making recommendations to competent authorities or institutions.