The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published its annual report for 2013, together with a summary.

Among other things the annual report also discusses the EBA’s forthcoming regulatory work in 2014. In particular it notes that the EBA faces a challenging regulatory work load put forward by the Capital Requirements Directive IV and the Capital Requirements Regulation. In 2014, the EBA’s major focus will be on the area of credit risk, with 19 regulatory technical standards to be submitted to the European Commission by 31 December 2014. In addition, the EBA’s December 2013 report on comparability and pro-cyclicality highlighted a number of deficiencies in regulatory provisions to support comparability of internal models out-puts for regulatory purposes across the EU. The EBA believes that the large number of issues to be resolved in the credit risk area set a very ambitious work programme.

Also, the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive sets out a number of mandates for the EBA with most having a delivery date of 12 months from finalisation of the Directive. This means that the EBA will issue a large number of consultations in this area.

View EBA annual report 2013, 20 May 2014

View EBA summary of the annual report 2013, 20 May 2014