On 23 September 2022, the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum (DRCF) published stakeholder views submitted in response to two discussion papers that it published in April 2022 related to algorithmic auditing.

One of the papers looked at the specific harms and benefits posed by algorithmic systems, including those powered by machine learning methods. The other looked at the merits of algorithmic auditing, as a means of documenting the risks associated with these systems and assuring stakeholders that they are safe to use.

Following the call for input, the DRCF received 31 responses from a broad range of stakeholders, detailing their views on the findings and conclusions set out in the papers.

The majority of the respondents were supportive of the two papers and welcomed the four digital regulators collaborating on this topic. There was widespread agreement that algorithmic processing creates opportunities and risks across the entire economy, and that as such there is value in regulators pooling knowledge and working together to promote best practice.

The DRFC will use the feedback gathered through the exercise to inform the next stage of the DRFC project on algorithmic processing and relevant work across individual regulators.