The FCA has published its latest Quarterly Consultation Paper which sets out proposed miscellaneous amendments to the Handbook (Consultation Paper 18/6: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 20).

In the Consultation Paper:

  • chapter 2 sets out proposed: (i) change to IFPRU 3.2 to ensure consistency of application and align with existing rules in IFPRU 11.6; (ii) change to IFPRU 11.5 to promote clarity for firms and groups within the scope of IFPRU 11 and ensure continued compliance with the Recovery and Resolution Directive; and (iii) transitional provision for the large exposures treatment of certain public sector exposures denominated in the domestic currency of any Member State under Regulation (EU) 2017/2395;
  • chapter 3 sets out proposed changes to regulatory reporting requirements;
  • chapter 4 sets out proposed changes to the FCA’s address in the Handbook in line with its upcoming move to Stratford; and
  • chapter 4 sets out proposed: (i) changes to the Supervision manual to implement the European Banking Authority guidelines on payment services under the revised Payment Services Directive and to implement the requirements of Regulation 98 of the Payment Services Regulations 2017; and (ii) amendments to the FCA’s Approach Document ‘Payment Services and Electronic Money – Our Approach, the FCA’s role under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and the Electronic Money Regulations 2011’.
  • The deadline for comments is 3 April 2018 (chapters 2 and 4), 13 April 2018 (chapter 5) and 3 May 2018 (chapter 3).

View CP18/6: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 20, 2 March 2018