The global pandemic has brought the importance of good conduct and fair customer outcomes firmly into the spotlight. Whilst this principle is clear, how to interpret it effectively across different sectors, customer service arrangements and delivery models can be challenging. Businesses have also had to rapidly adapt to the broad and growing range of guidance expectations published by global regulators in respect of how customers should be treated. Taken together, these challenges increase the risks of inconsistency, poor outcomes and potential customer detriment.

Our Conduct Healthcheck will provide firms with practical insights, analysis and guidance, helping them understand how to navigate these conduct challenges and risks they are facing during the current environment.

We invite you to complete our initial questionnaire, which covers seven assessment areas and should take around 20 minutes. The questionnaire will close on 8th January, 2021. Once the analysis has been completed, we will send you a complimentary report providing an overview of sector-specific insights, along with broader themes and trends, to help you understand how your business compares to others in the market.

In addition to the complimentary report, we will also make suggestions for bespoke follow-on activities you may wish to consider undertaking based on the responses we have received. These can be tailored to meet your business’s risk appetite and budget.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with John Coley and Iain Hawthorn.