On 4 March 2022, the European Commission updated its webpage on EU labels for benchmarks (climate, ESG) and benchmarks’ ESG disclosures by providing details of a study on feasibility, minimum standards and transparency requirements of an EU ESG benchmark label. The Commission explains that it is exploring the possibility of introducing a new label which encompasses all ESG pillars. The aim of the label is to bring more clarity to the market, meet the demand of asset managers and investors, direct capital flows towards more sustainable investments and help tackle greenwashing. The Commission is concerned that the comparability and reliability of existing ESG benchmarks is affected by a lack of harmonisation and is using a contractor to conduct a study on the existing ESG-related benchmarks market. The Commission gives stakeholders the opportunity to have their say by participating in a survey that will provide input to the study. The Commission provides links to surveys for benchmark administrators, benchmark constituents/companies, and benchmark institutional investors/asset managers.