On 25 November 2021, the European Commission published a proposal for the Regulation establishing a European single access point (ESAP) providing centralised access to publicly available information of relevance to financial services, capital markets and sustainability.

The establishment of a ESAP by 2024 is a main goal of the Capital Markets Union Action Plan adopted by the Commission in September 2020, to help provide EU-wide access to information activities and products of entities that are required to disclose information relevant to capital markets, financial services and sustainable finance.

This proposal does not create any new reporting obligation in terms of content, it builds on existing disclosure requirements set of in the EU legal acts identified in the Annex of the proposal. A detailed explanation of the specific provisions can also be found on pages 7-9 of the proposal.

To establish a sound and efficient ESAP platform which will cover publicly available information about financial services provided in the EU, capital markets of the EU and sustainability, a number of Directives and Regulations in those fields will be amended by an Omnibus Directive and Regulation to add an ESAP stand-alone provision about the format of the information and its submission to a collection body.