On 13 October 2022, there was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/1930 of 6 July 2022 amending the regulatory technical standards laid down in Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/1229 as regards the date of application of the provisions related to the buy-in regime.

Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/1229 specifies measures to prevent and address settlement fails and to encourage settlement discipline. Those measures include monitoring settlement fails and collecting and distributing cash penalties for settlement fails. Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/1229 also specifies the operational details of the buy-in process referred to in Article 7(3) to (8) of the Central Securities Depositories Regulation.

The Delegated Regulation enters into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the OJ (2 November 2022).