On 3 August 2021, the Platform on Sustainable Finance published a call for feedback on a draft report on preliminary recommendations for technical screening criteria for the EU taxonomy. The draft report focuses primarily on presenting a first set of priority economic activities and draft recommendations for associated substantial contribution and do no significant harm (DNSH) technical screening criteria in relation to the 4 non-climate environmental objectives covering water, circular economy, pollution prevention, and biodiversity & ecosystems. However, a small number of economic activities and corresponding draft recommendations for technical screening criteria related to the climate mitigation and adaptation objectives have also been included.

The purpose of the call for feedback by the Platform is to gather further evidence and feedback on the proposed draft recommendations for technical screening criteria. The draft criteria presented in the report are working documents of the Platform and do not represent a final view of the Platform. The deadline for responding to the call for feedback is 24 September 2021.

After considering the responses, the Platform will submit its report to the European Commission in November 2021.

The Commission will analyse and consider the recommendations starting in November 2021 in view of the preparations for a delegated act containing activities and associated technical screening criteria for the remaining four environmental objectives and a few additional activities and according criteria for the climate objectives.