The recording of our March webinar briefing on Brexit is now available. To access the recording, please click here.

During the webinar our speakers focused on the following questions:

  1. Where are we at politically and how does the political overlay impact on firms practically? What are the possible outcomes (Deal, No Deal, Extension) and what does that mean practically for me? What if there is a deal? What do I need to do practically?
  2. For our business from UK into Europe, what do we need to apply for, by when and what does it cover? What bespoke temporary permission regimes are there in other Member States? What are the views of individual Member State regulators?
  3. Given the recent FCA/PRA papers, what does it mean for inward UK branches?
  4. For our business within the UK, how does the onshoring and domesticizing of all of the EU regulations impact our business: tracking the SIs?
  5. Impact of Brexit on data sharing – model clauses
  6. What is the latest on how Brexit impacts our outsourcing/delegation arrangements (whether received in the UK or provided by the UK out)?

The financial services briefing on April 3, 2019 will revert back to the usual seminar format but will be longer than 40 minutes and again focus on Brexit. An invitation for this briefing will be circulated shortly.