The Bank of England (BoE) has announced that it has begun engagement on the data templates for the 2017 stress test through the development of the core dataset. The core templates were published on the BoE’s website in September 2016.

The BoE intends to issue all supplementary templates for the 2017 concurrent stress test by end-January 2017, and will aim to share these with firms sooner where possible. There are also likely to be some scenario-specific data requests issued in March 2017. The BoE expects these mainly to relate to the exploratory scenario. The exploratory scenario will use the same templates as the annual cyclical scenario wherever possible.

The submission of firms’ actual data will be 31 March 2017. Recognising the need for firms to deliver two sets of stress test projections, the delivery date for submission of exploratory scenario projections will be 14 July 2017, two weeks later than the 30 June 2017 submission date for the cyclical scenario projections.

View BoE update on 2017 stress test data collections, 7 December 2017