On 24 November 2023, the Bank of England (BoE) published a statement of policy on its fees regime for financial market infrastructure supervision 2023/24.

In this statement of policy, which follows an earlier consultation paper, the BoE confirms:

  • The fee rates to meet the BoE’s 2023/24 funding requirement for financial market infrastructure supervisory activity and the policy activity that supports this, as permitted by the BoE’s fee-levying powers.
  • The hourly costs incurred by the BoE for FMI special projects (including staff salaries and overheads) are the same as the PRA’s hourly costs for special projects. There has been no change in the hourly costs for 2023/24.

Having considered the responses to the earlier consultation, the BoE does not propose to make any changes to its proposals.

Invoices are expected to be issued in November for the 2023/24 fee year.