On 12 March 2023, the Bank of England (BoE) published a statement on Silicon Valley Bank.

The BoE, in consultation with the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), HM Treasury (HMT) and the FCA, has taken the decision to sell Silicon Valley Bank UK Limited (SVBUK), the subsidiary of the US bank, to HSBC UK Bank PLc (HSBC). This action has been taken to stabilise SVBUK, ensuring the continuity of banking services, minimising disruption in the UK technology sector and supporting confidence in the financial system.

The statement also notes that the BoE and HMT can confirm that all depositors’ money with SVBUK is safe and secure as a result of this transaction. SVBUK’s business will continue to be operated normally by SVBUK. All services will continue to operate as normal and customers should not notice any changes.

Customers can continue to contact SVBUK through the usual channels and borrowers should make any loan repayments to SVBUK as normal. SVBUK staff remain employed by SVBUK, and SVBUK continues to be a PRA/FCA authorised bank.

Today’s announcement supersedes the BoE’s 10 March statement that, absent any meaningful further information, it intended to apply to the Court to place SVBUK into a Bank Insolvency Procedure. Given the emergence of a credible purchaser for SVBUK the BoE has determined that using its resolution powers for stabilising failing banks is appropriate.