On 18 October 2021, the Bank of England (BoE) published a Policy Statement providing feedback to the responses to its earlier consultation paper setting out proposed supervisory fees for financial market infrastructure (FMI) for 2021/22.  The BoE also sets out the FMI fees for 2021/22 with total FMI fees expected to be £10.6 million.

The BoE received three responses to its consultation, after careful consideration the BoE is making no changes to its proposals.

On page 4 of the Policy Statement the BoE has set out two tables setting out the expected charge for each category of FMI.

The BoE expects to issue invoices in the September 2021/22 fee year. There was no surplus or shortfall in the fee year 2021/22, so no FMI will receive a rebate in the 2021/22 invoice.