The Bank of England (BoE) has updated the markets webpage to explain that a new Money Markets Committee (MMC) was formed in March 2017. The MMC replaces he previous markets committee, the Money Markets Liaison Committee and Securities Lending and Repo Committee. The MMC is chaired by the BoE. The objectives of the MMC are:

  • to discuss important domestic and global market or structural developments affecting the UK money, repo and securities lending markets;
  • where appropriate, to propose responses to any issues identified;
  • to aid understanding and enhance monitoring of the functioning of the UK money markets;
  • to endorse and facilitate continuing market-wide adoption of the UK Money Markets Code, a voluntary code of good practice for the money and securities financing markets; and
  • to identify and address any high-level issues concerning contingency planning in the UK money markets and payment systems, having regard to international developments.

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