The British Bankers Association has issued a statement on the EU referendum vote.

The statement reads:

“Customers should rest assured their banking services will continue as normal. People will be able to take money out of cash machines, exchange currency and have full access to their banking services. Any consequences of the referendum result will take some time to resolve and any changes to banking will take place over several years.

“A significant amount of contingency planning has already been undertaken and the industry is very well prepared, and have increased capital and liquidity. Banks will now assess what the result means for their customers and staff in the long term.

“We also believe that Government should have time to plan the UK’s approach to any Exit Treaty and lay the ground for an effective negotiation with EU partners. It is important therefore that the Government only triggers the Article 50 process after careful deliberation on its aims and negotiating strategy.

“It is now important that we have as orderly a transition as possible to minimise the impact on customers both in the UK and the rest of the EU, and to limit any effect on the economy”.

View BBA statement on EU referendum result, 24 June 2016