On 13 November 2020, the Bank of England (BoE) announced that it will be restarting the Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario (CBES) from June 2021.

The announcement lists those institutions that have been invited to take part in the CBES and the planned engagement with participants ahead of the June 2021 launch.

Planned engagement before June 2021 involves:

  • December 2020: The BoE will inform participants about its high level approach for the CBES in a number of key areas including counter party exposure data. It will also release a provisional set of scenario variables to be included in the exercise.
  • February 2021: The BoE will release a set of draft data templates, as well as a draft qualitative questionnaire for feedback from participants.
  • April 2021: The BoE  will release a finalised set of data templates and qualitative questionnaire.